About us

The Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia (CAAE) is a research center for forward-looking companies and institutions that assists in finding answers to the questions of why and how by focusing on people’s experience and principles.

We conduct qualitative research that enables to find solutions to problems that occur either in the society or within companies and organisations. We prioritise the knowledgeable action of companies and the application of research findings to the development of the organisation and the subject field.

We apply qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews and participant observation characteristic of the humanities and social sciences. We combine state-of-the-art technology and visual methods in our research process in order to give a well-rounded overview of the answers to the one who posed the questions. We approach each company individually, following from their particular problems and needs.

Science-based – As characteristic of cultural researchers, we attribute importance to both the analytical and phenomenological perspective in conducting the research and analysing the data. The research conducted by CAAE is always preceded by a thorough examination of the field which allows to present the data according to the context.
Open-minded – We are open-minded. Curiosity keeps us learning, improving and seeking for the best solutions. We are eager to collaborate and always adapt our offers to the requirements of the customer.
Innovative – CAAE is innovative and creative. We are not afraid of experimenting and seeking for new solutions.
Caring – CAAE is socially responsible both for the partners as well as informants. Our researches are based on mutual understanding and empathy, but also honesty and trust.

Why was the Center for Applied Anthropology in Estonia founded?
CAAE was founded in 2014 with the aim of increasing the role of qualitative research in resolving both the societal and practical problems.
The applied projects directed at the society have been in the focus of teaching and developing the humanities and social sciences already for decades primarily in the Nordic countries and in the US, but also in other countries. Although the usage of quantitative methods, including the usage of statistical data, is widespread in Estonia, not much attention has been given to the scientific approach based on qualitative methods in solving practical problems.
On the one hand, the aim of CAAE is to increase the awareness of young scholars of the humanities and social scientists of the applicability of their field. On the other hand, our aim is to inform various organisations and companies of the potential of qualitative methods.