Increasing the capability of product development and marketing communication and developing the communication channels of the Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia

During 2016-2017 the Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia is raising the organisation’s operational capacity.

To ensure sustainable development it is necessary to increase the competence of developing products and to develop communication channels and make the members of the organisation more skilful at using them. The activities of the project can be divided into three levels.

1) To ensure the sustainability of CAAE, a service of good quality that is constantly developing is required. To raise the organisation’s operational capacity we focus on increasing the competence of product development, developing the skills of product management and working out the financial plan, all of which would enable us to compete with the existing service-providers on the market and to come closer to reaching our social goals through becoming a viable and self-financing organisation. We measure our success through the number of projects ordered and the feedback of the customers.

2) In order to spread the message of CAAE, we need a marketing strategy, a communication plan and to increase the competency of communication among our members. We organised a marketing communication training for our members. In collaboration with the marketing specialist Anu-Mall Naarits we are currently working out our marketing strategy and communication plan. We measure the results during seminars by conducting focus group interviews and individual progress reviews.

3) In collaboration with experts and designers we are working on CAAE’s visual identity that will be presented on the web page of the organisation, on the Facebook page and in the documents and which serves the aim of spreading the message of the organisation and its action within the society. In addition, we are developing information channels that would allow us to systematically reach all of our target groups.

The home page will be designed according to the actual needs of CAAE. In order to encourage international cooperation, the web page will be translated into English. The effectiveness of the media channels will be measured in clicks and the number of permanent followers. The appropriateness of the visual identity will be measured during seminars organised for the members. In addition, feedback will be requested from our collaborators and advisors.

The project support is 11,873.14 euros.

The project is funded by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Foundation of Civil Society from the 2016 funds.